CBMC Fellowship – June 2014

June 18, last Wednesday, we organized our second follow up fellowship with the business and professional after outreach event last April. There were more than 40 people.

The fellowship went very well. We had two main speakers, Mr. Sam Watts from Canada. He spoke about how we can be using time, resources, energy and profit wisely. (Stewardship). Another businessman, Mr. Scott McCain, an expert of Nuclear Power Plants, gave a prelude of how they are leading their company through Christian principles and giving part of their profit for the Kingdom of God. I spoke about Temporary Life on Earth. During dinner time I am able to spend time to meet every body to know them and what they think about the program? They told me that they all excited and want to know more about Jesus.

Gen. Nou Vantha and his wife, Sam Bunlom. This couple love God. They came to know God 7 years ago through a dinner banquet as well. Now, they are active inviting their friends to come. Mrs. Sam Bunlom is a sweet lady and helpful to our ministry to the influencers.

H.E. Teav Vannol, a senator, I invited him first time to join this fellowship. He is impressed to the program and meet with other friends.

An accountant who wants to meet her dead son joined our dinner outreach. Her face was full of joy to find hope and joy in Jesus and she promised to come to Church to know more about Jesus.

This is the best time ever to bring transformation for Cambodia for Christ our Lord by reaching businessmen and professionals and the government officers to know the true God, Jesus Christ to change this society. We have much burden with this group of people and wants them to know God and follow Him.

Pray for wisdom and strength how to be more effective in this mission and pray that God will continue to open the door and bring more Business and professionals and the government officers to know Him and to become His followers.

Thank you so much for being part of this mission. May God bless you.

We are an interdenominational Christian organization who connects businessmen and professionals in the marketplace to Christ. We want to see the business and professionals walking closely with Jesus Christ that will bring a transformed life in the family, business and society. As these businessmen influence the marketplace, we envision a new Cambodian society – God is glorified in our workplaces. We adhere to have faith and be equipped to be a CHANNEL of BLESSINGS in our business and profession.

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