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To Transform the Business and professional in the marketplace with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We are an interdenominational Business Community comprised of all walk of life connections in Cambodia. We share a common statement of beliefs, ministry practices and a passion to see lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All of us in CBMC are united in purpose – to learn how best we can glorify God in our workplaces. That each and every CBMC member would be equipped to be a “CHANNEL OF BLESSINGS” and have faith that God would use us to be a blessing in our business and profession.



Connecting the business and professionals in the marketplace all over the world and presenting the truths of JESUS CHRIST to Cambodia, resulting in TRANSFORMED LIVES that endure and MULTIPLY.


To establish and strengthen Cambodian businessmen and professionals to be effective  as they present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to their colleagues in the MARKETPLACE and to  help others be transformed to Christ-likeness.

We are an interdenominational Christian organization who connects businessmen and professionals in the marketplace to Christ. We want to see the business and professionals walking closely with Jesus Christ that will bring a transformed life in the family, business and society. As these businessmen influence the marketplace, we envision a new Cambodian society – God is glorified in our workplaces. We adhere to have faith and be equipped to be a CHANNEL of BLESSINGS in our business and profession.

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 Prom Kunleakhena, Coordinator


   +855 85 635 635

  No. 32C, Street 36 Borey Sony, Sangkat Teokthala, Khan Sensok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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