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Do you know the 10 Attributes of a Marketplace Ambassador? Do you have an accountability group that you can lean on when in times of need? Or a group that could help you know God’s will for your life? Have you discovered your purpose in life? Do you know the basic life foundations?

All these questions and needs will be met as you join our Connect 3 Teams. 

Come and be transformed in your walk with God or in your family life. Our Connect 3 Teams can be your leverage to doing business or your job in a unique way God planned for you!

Come and be part of Christians growing and learning the Word together. Join our Connect 3 Teams.

Sundays, 1:30-3:00pm

Facilitator: Queenelle B. Idica

Email: abc123bkk1@gmail.com

ABC-123 International School

No. 78, St, 135, Toutumpong 1

Chamcarmon, Phnom Penh

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V-Grow Property

Yos Solinda


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Makro, Phnom Penh Area

First National Retreat

The first ever National Retreat for Cambodia CBMC team was held on 26-27 January 2019 in Kampong Thom Province, a 3 hour drive from the capital city of Phnom Penh.
Mr. Chang Sung Kim, CBMC Asia President shared the six ministry practices of CBMC as well as how he was called to start CBMC South Korea.


CBMC Asia Pacific President started on the importance of having a vision and mission statement. These two are the guiding principles in what we do to make our ministry effective and successful.

CBMC Cambodia also learned the basics of evangelism and discipleship, but Mr. Kim reiterated that an important component of a successful ministry is to cultivate a passion for PRAYER . Prayer for your team, ministry and the lost.  He mentioned the use of 10-Most Wanted card and the VIP card. He used the example of CBMC Korea that has leveraged this Prayer activity for the past 40 years!
During the evening, the team enjoyed team building games around a bonfire! Their children also joined and enjoyed singing and participating in the games.


Narin Chey concluded with a lesson from Joshua 1:1-9, encouraging those who joined to be brave and courageous in evangelism and discipleship because God has promised to be with us wherever we go. But, another crucial ingredient is to “meditate on the Book of the Law, day and night!”
A symbolic picture of Mr. Chan Sung Kim igniting the fire on Mr. Narin Chey’s heart to take part in transforming the marketplace in Cambodia induring a Vision Workshop on March 4, 2011 at Himawari Hotel in Phnom Penh.


A welcome dinner was held for the Ambassadors for Christ coming from twelve different countries to attend the Asia Pacific CBMC in Cambodia. Cambodian dishes were well-liked by these Asian Christian brothers and sisters!


While the chairmen or directors of each country concluded their Board Meeting through the leadership of Mr. Chan Sung Kim, President for Asia Pacific CBMC; fifty professionals and businessmen from these twelve countries gathered to learn how they can have a better impact in their workplaces. The seminar aimed at digging basic principles of the Bible that these professionals and businessmen could apply in their own businesses or in the workplace. Mr. Paul Johnson from USA conducted the seminar, dubbed Connect 3, a Leader Advancement training aimed to EQUIP, EMPOWER, and MOBILIZE people in the marketplace to be part of the Great Commission.
One of the highlights of the Board Meeting is to welcome a new member of Christian Business and Marketplace Committee – Asia Pacific – Mongolia CBMC,  2 representatives from Ulaanbaatar joined the event. 


A dinner fellowship was also held at Himawari Hotel with some Cambodian businessmen joining said event. Himawari Hotel is owned by a Singaporean, Mr. Andrew Tay wife, Alice; who is Cambodian. Mr. Andrew is the Adviser of Cambodia CBMC and introduced said organization to Cambodia several years ago. The owner couple, despite how busy they are, continue to be supportive of CBMC’s events.


We would also like to recognize the untiring effort and support of our Cambodia CBMC core team; welcoming, arranging, coordinating, hosting said event! Small in number but with big hearts and big smiles, the event was a success! Appreciation to our CBMC Cambodia lady coordinator Prom Kunleakhena and our finance expert Yos Solinda!

This event is a prelude to the 22nd Asian Covention on 21-23 November 2019! 
Now, an important question for you:

Would you and your team prayerfully consider taking this to the Lord? We are sure that He will speak to you, why your presence is important to the 22nd Asian Convention to be held on 21-23 November 2019 at Sokha Hotel.

The Convention is a one-stop event that offers several topics with selected speakers where “God will usher YOU with the RIGHT PERSPECTIVES” to become TRUE follower of Jesus as you do your day-to-day task in leading your family, managing your business, doing your duties at work or shepherding your team.

Let us come together to support this event happening in our own land that we believe will bring spiritual breakthroughs that we Christians have the responsibility to bring into the BUSINESS WORLD in CAMBODIA!
Speakers will share the ultimate secret to SUCCESS in prospering your BUSINESS!
“The least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation.” Isaiah 60:22

We are an interdenominational Christian organization who connects businessmen and professionals in the marketplace to Christ. We want to see the business and professionals walking closely with Jesus Christ that will bring a transformed life in the family, business and society. As these businessmen influence the marketplace, we envision a new Cambodian society – God is glorified in our workplaces. We adhere to have faith and be equipped to be a CHANNEL of BLESSINGS in our business and profession.

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 Prom Kunleakhena, Coordinator


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