We need your support

How can you support us?

With CBMC family, there are many ways to support us.

  • You can regularly pray for the spiritual growth of our teams and success of our Events. You can also join a weekly prayer walk every Saturday, 6:30am-7:30am. We pray as we traverse the various roads of the country, deliberately asking God’s spiritual freedom of our people. email to: cbmc2019cambodia@gmail.com for more information.
  • Be a mentor to our team members. You may want to start you own Connect 3 Team and be a mentor to them, or simply meet with our teams and help them in their spiritual walk, family or business management skills.
  • Give for the kingdom work. You can invest financially in spreading the Kingdom work. You may want to read: Principles of Funds Development (https://www.cbmcint.com/donate/principles-of-funds-development)

We are an interdenominational Christian organization who connects businessmen and professionals in the marketplace to Christ. We want to see the business and professionals walking closely with Jesus Christ that will bring a transformed life in the family, business and society. As these businessmen influence the marketplace, we envision a new Cambodian society – God is glorified in our workplaces. We adhere to have faith and be equipped to be a CHANNEL of BLESSINGS in our business and profession.

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 Prom Kunleakhena, Coordinator


   +855 85 635 635

  No. 32C, Street 36 Borey Sony, Sangkat Teokthala, Khan Sensok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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